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Disclaimer and Copyright


Disclaimer and Copyright

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Disclaimer and Copyright of the Historad website




The disclaimer and copyright document applies to the website in the Dutch and the English language versions, which are published by the Department of Radiotherapy (DoR) of  the Netherlands Cancer Institute.  Within the DoR the task group Historad is the editor and administrator  of the website. Correspondence concerning the site should be addressed to the task group Historad.  For contact information please follow the link Contact Historad, which can also be found  in the footer of the time line pages of the website.    


1. In this disclaimer the following is understood:

- the editor: the authorized editor of the website;

- to use: amongst others to load, to log on, to inquire, to consult, to read, to examine, to  listen, to edit, to fill in, to send, to copy, to store, to forward, to the  (represented) private person or legal entity that uses the website;

- the content: among others texts, static or dynamic images, hyperlinks, sound- and/or  video clips or fragments and/or other objects;

- damage: direct or indirect damage of any nature, i.e. loss of data, business, acquired  income, profit or any other economical disadvantage.

2. All articles of this Disclaimer apply to the Historad website. By using the website you agree  unconditionally with this disclaimer.

3. The editor endeavours to actualise and/or to add information to the website regularly. In  spite of this care and attention it is possible that the content is incomplete and/or incorrect.

4. The editor provides the contents of the website AS IS, without any guarantee concerning it's  soundness, aptitude for a certain purpose or otherwise. The content is the result of continuing    historical research and may be changed or updated at any time. The content is  intended for  private use and study only.

5. The editor is not liable for any damage which has occurred or may occur in connection with  and/or results from the use of the website or to the impossibility to use the website.

6. The editor may alter or remove the website from the internet at all times and without a prior  notice. The editor is not liable for any consequence(s) due to the alteration or removal of the  website.

7. Content provided by a third party has not been independently reviewed, tested, certified, or  authenticated in whole or in part by the editor and as such the editor makes no warranty with  respect to its contents.

8. Unauthorized or improper use of the website or its content can result in an infringement of  intellectual (property) rights or an unlawful act related to privacy, publication, communication  and other matters. You are responsible for all data you obtain from the web site.

9. The editor reserves the right to deny your access to the web site or certain services available  on the web page. As a consequence the editor may monitor your access to the web site.

10. You will protect the editor, its employees, representatives, license holders, trade partners  and the author of this disclaimer against any judicial and non-judicial measures, condemnations,  etc., including the costs for legal assistance, accountants etc. which are a direct or indirect  consequence of your use of the website and/or your violation of any law, regulation or rights of  third parties.


This site contains a variety of copyright material. Some of this is the intellectual property of individuals (as named), some is owned by the Netherlands Cancer Institute - Antoni van Leeuwenhoek  (NKI-AVL) itself. Some material is owned by others (clearly indicated when the owner has been identified) and yet other material is in the public domain. Except for material which is unambiguously and unarguably in the public domain, only material owned by the NKI-AVL and so indicated, may be copied, provided that textual and graphical content are not altered and that the source is acknowledged. The NKI-AVL reserves the right to revoke that permission at any time. Permission is not given for any commercial use or sale of this material.

No other material anywhere on this website may be copied (except as legally allowed for private use and study) or further disseminated without the express and written permission of the legal holder of that copyright.

 Amsterdam, 25 November 2021