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This website shows videos of Youtube. This party places (third) party cookies. If you don't want these cookies, you can specify so here. You won't be able to see videos on our website. We also place cookies ourselves to improve our website. This information will not be sold to other parties. Which cookies are involved?

This website utilizes cookies to show videos and improve the usability of this website. If you do not want these cookies, you can specify so here. Which cookies are involved?




The Netherlands Cancer Institute cares highly about the privacy of the users of our websites and only uses your data in a confident and reliably manner. In this statement we want to inform you about cookies.

Use of Cookies

The websites of the Netherlands cancer Institute use cookies. The reason for this is:

1)      Optimization of the website and analyzing visitor behavior

2)      Integration with YouTube to enable showing video

Which Cookies do we use?

We use the cookies of Google Analytics.

When you visit our website, it is also possible to encounter third party cookies. The video's on our website are displayed with a YouTube video player. You can read more about this in another part of this statement. Next to this our website hosts a  number of links to other websites (including social media). The website can also use their own cookies.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small piece of data that is stored on your computer, tablet or smartphone when you visit a website. If it concerns a cookie of an Netherlands Cancer Institute website, this piece of data can contain information that is send back to our servers the next time you visit the site.

If you don't want us to use cookies, you have to select 'cookies off' in your browser settings. If you accept a cookie, it will remain on your computer, tablet or smartphone, unless you delete it. Switching off cookies may limit your use of our website and services.

 As said, the Netherlands cancer Institute websites contain links to other websites. If these sites also use cookies, your information isn't send to our servers, but to the server of the other website. An example of this is YouTube.

Watching YouTube videos requires cookie permission

Certain cookies explicitly require permission. On the websites of the Netherlands cancer Institute this is the case if you want to watch videos. The videos are displayed in a YouTube player. YouTube uses so-called tracking cookies, that by law may only be used if you explicitly grant permission. If you don't grant this permission, you will not be able to watch videos on our website. You can still access all the other information on the site.

Other types of cookies don't require explicit permission. Our Google Analytics cookies have privacy friendly settings, in accordance with the manual of the  Dutch Data Protection Authority. 

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Links to social media and other websites

With the social media application you can share pages of our website on social media. On top of that our web pages may contain links to websites of external parties.

These external websites, social media platforms and the cookies that they use do not fall under the responsibility of the Netherlands Cancer Institute and this statement. For information about these cookies, check the corresponding sites.