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Historad, the history task group in the Department of Radiotherapy


Historad, the history task group in the Department of Radiotherapy

Historad werkgroep 

Core members of the task group Historad, from left to right mrs Riet van der Heide, former head radiation therapist; ing Henk van der Gugten (chair), retired technical specialist radiotherapy; Dr Bart van Bunningen, retired radiation oncologist; Iain Bruinvis Ph D, retired medical physicist, former head of clinical physics and instrumentation.

Historad is the historical task group of former employees of the department of radiotherapy in the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI). In 2011 the task group was installed by department head Marcel Verheij. Historad was asked to investigate the historical development of radiotherapy in the NKI and to publish the account of their research. In April 2013, on the occasion of the centennial of the NKI, the history of the department of radiotherapy was published on the Historad web-site in the Dutch language. In January 2014 the English translation has been released.

For the English translation of the Historad website an ad hoc group was formed. Members of the translation group are Guido Garavaglia (coordination), Iain Bruinvis, Henk van der Gugten, Frances Godson, Ben Mijnheer, Maddalena Rossi and Suzanne Kuiper. Data migration to the English website was done by Eva Bierens and Henk van der Gugten. Over all coordination and final editing of the web site is by Henk van der Gugten. 

Historad welcomes any comment or supplementary information which can be used to improve the content of the web site. Images are also welcome. The focus of Historad is primarily on the historical developments in the NKI. However this can not be seen separate from the developments in The Netherlands and in Europe on a wider scale.

You are invited to share your memories and your understanding of the historical development of radiotherapy with us. Historad would like to meet colleagues to start a discussion on the possibility of forming a historical society in radiotherapy. The Historad contact address can be found under  this link

1961 Cobalt IGRT.jpg

Image guided cobalt treatment unit, Netherlands Cancer Institute 1961