Professor Corrie Marijnen head of Radiation Oncology department

Corrie Marijnen rode jas 

From 1 March 2019 Corrie Marijnen is Head of the Radiation Oncology department in the Netherlands Cancer Institute. She is the successor of professor Marcel Verhey who has been appointed in the Radbout University Medical Centre in the town of Nijmegen.

1994-1999 Professor Marijnen trained as radiation oncologist at Leiden University. In 2002 she took her PhD with Credit on radiotherapy in rectal cancer.  In her research the focus is on methods of patient selection, enhanced treatment techniques and accurate delineation of target volumes. She values shared decision making, taking into account patient preferences in selecting a course of treatment. She addressed these subjects in her oration on 30 October 2009, titled "From X-Rays to Arrays". From 2009 she has participated in a number of large national and international studies on the treatment of advanced rectal cancer and  organ sparing in the treatment of early rectal cancer.

From 2005 to 2008 she joined the staff of the radiotherapy department of the Netherlands Cancer Institute. In 2009 she was appointed head of the Radiotherapy Department of Leiden University LUMC. From 2015 she was also head of Radiotherapy in the Reinier de Graaf hospital in Delft.

She is closely involved with the Holland Proton Treatment Centre in Delft and in connection with that she has been appointed Medical Delta Professor in 2016.