The NKI building in Amsterdam-Slotervaart

1973 AVL gebouw Slotervaart.jpg 

In 1973 the hospital of the Netherlands Cancer Institute, named Antoni van Leeuwenhoek) moved to an new building in the western development  of Amsterdam called Slotervaart. It lasted until 1976 before the research laboratories also moved to the new location. Until that time the research departments remained in the Sarphatistraat. 

Right in front is the megavoltage irradiation facility, that includes 4 large rooms for megavoltage treatments. Behind this is the two storey building of the Radiotherapy Department. In the background are the hospital wards, laboratories and staff departments of the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek. 

Professor Klaas Breur was very much involved in the design of the department. In the planning of the ground floor level, he emphasized that it was very important to have a quiet, undisturbed environment for the patients. The hectic activities around a patient treatment occurred in the centre part that was only accessible for the personnel. Also there was a separation in the pathways for mobile out-patients, and the hospitalized patients, to avoid as much as possible a confrontation between the two groups of patients.

Map of the Radiotherapy Department. 

1973 plattegrond radiotherapie bg kl.jpg 


1: 50 kV contact therapy X-ray device

2: 100 kV X-raydevice

3: 250 kV X-ray device

4: Cobalt-60 unit

5: Linear accelerator 10 MeV

6. Linear accelerator 20 MeV

7. Neutron generator 14 MeV (from 1976)

10. Rotterdam (RRTI) Simulator

11. Simulator and transversal tomograph from Toshiba

 8, 9 ,12 en 14: Consulting and examination  rooms

16a: Mould room

18: Simulator working space

21: Central computer room and physics storage room

22: Refreshment room personnel

23a en b: Wardrobe personnel

26: Blood sampling station

27: Reception

28: Waiting room

29a: Main entrance Radiotherapy Department

29b: Ambulance entrance

Between 3 and 15: Corridor to the clinic