The Interior of the Radiotherapy Department


Treatment room with the 10 MeV linear accelerator (SL75/super, Philips). 

The interior design and the furnishing  of the Radiotherapy Department are simple, and austere. In the megavoltage treatment rooms the floors are covered in dark green vinyl. The stacked concrete blocks of the heavy shielding walls are painted in bright semi-transparent primary colous. The furnishing is made up of durable steel based project furniture. Outside the treatment rooms the interior is coloured by the red linoleum floors and varied with brown columns and yellow curtains. The white walls have dark wooden buffers. At the front desk the atmosphere is more luxurious, with dark veneer finishing.      

1973 receptie ingang RT kl.jpg




Front desk at the main entrance of the Radiotherapy Department. 

1973 wachtkamer ingang RT kl.jpg









  Central waiting area of the Radiotherapy Department

Afdeling RT 198706_015 kl.jpg 



Simulator planning room. (picture of 1987, interior still original)  click to enlarge and find colleagues.



1973 bedieningsruimte Linac.jpg


Control room of the 20 MeV linear accelerator