Promotional film SL75-20 linear accelerator


In 1975 Philips makes a promotional film of the new SL75-20 dual energy linear accelerator. The film location is in treatment room 6 in the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI). The film script is based on a radiotherapy treatment as it is actually realized in the NKI. The actors in the movie are personnel of the Radiotherapy Department who do the type of work shown in the film on a daily basis. Only the "patient" is a professional actor.  

For its use in this time line, a short summary of the movie has been made. The promotional film is a documentary of daily clinical practice in 1975 at a linear accelerator in the NKI.  The film gives an impression of the interior part of the control room and the treatment room. 

The co-workers are:

  • radiation therapist at the control desk: Riet van der Heide (at that time head radiation therapist )
  • radiation therapists in the treatment room: Ans Hegeman and Marielle Stuyt
  • engineer: Henk van der Gugten