Dr. Henny van Peperzeel leaves the NKI

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In 1965 Dr. Henny van Peperzeel became radiotherapy resident in the Wilhelminagasthuis (WG), the teaching hospital of the University of Amsterdam, under supervision of Professor Klaas Breur. She obtained her doctorate in 1970 with a thesis entitled: "Patterns of tumor growth after irradiation, a comparative study in men, dogs and mice". [46]            

After her doctorate, she was appointed as researcher at the Netherlands Cancer Institute and also as Chef de Clinique of the Radiotherapy Department in the WG. In 1972 Van Peperzeel moved to the University of Utrecht as successor of Professor Ham to become professor in radiation oncology and head of the Radiotherapy Department of the teaching hospital. 

1972 afscheid dr Hennie van Peperzeel.jpg

Farewell to Dr. Henny van Peperzeel in 1972. From left to right: Dr. Marion Burgers; Dr. Henny van Peperzeel; Mr de Jong, financial director NKI-AVL; Mr Henk van der Gugten.




Bronnen & Publicaties

  • [46] “Patterns of tumorgrowth after irradiation, a comparative study in men, dogs and mice” by H. van Peperzeel. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam 1970, supervisor Prof. Dr Klaas Breur. ,