“Screening a crossfire”; radiation treatment in 1972


In 1972 Klaas Breur asks the film director Mart van den Busken to make a film about the preparation and delivery of a radiotherapy treatment using the 8 MV linear accelerator. The title is" Screening a crossfire" and it has an English spoken voice over.   

The film is inspired by the introduction of the Dosimulator as part of the preparation phase of a radiotherapy treatment. In addition the film has become a documentation of the workflow,  the equipment, and the facilities of the department of radiotherapy  in 1972. A summary of the film can be viewed by clicking in the image at the top of this item. 

The characters  in this film are played by staff of the department doing their normal daily routine work. Only the patient is a professional actress.

The Dosimulator.In 1971 clinical physicist Herbert Marcuse from the Netherlands Cancer Institute received his doctorate with a thesis  entitled: "Licht als Analogon voor Dosis, een Dosimulator voor de Radiotherapie"  [48]. (Light as an analogon for dose; a dosimulator for radiotherapy). Part of the study described in his thesis was the construction of a device that could make the dose distribution inside a patient visible in a simulation based on blackening of photographic film and images on a TV screen.