Move to the Sarphatistraat 106-108 in East Amsterdam

Sarphatistraat voorgevel ca 1930.jpg 

The premises of the Antoni van Leeeuwenhoek on the Keizersgracht and the Prinsengracht do not provide sufficient space for the treatment of the increasing number of patients and for the growing laboratory. Plans are made for new buildings next to a new university hospital.  But building plans for the City University are postponed and the promised state subsidy is withdrawn due to the financial crisis of the 1920's. The Netherlands Cancer Institute is compelled to move into the former military hospital at Sarphatistraat 106-108 in Amsterdam, which offers ample space for both the clinic and for research. 

Sarphatistraat 16101930 2.bmp.jpg 

Street view 1929, Sarphatistraat at the level of the new Netherlands Cancer Institute, looking towards the Muiderpoort-Alexanderplein, with the Roeterstraat on the left. 

opening 1929 1.jpg 

The Queen Mother, Queen Emma performs the official opening on 25 September 1929.  

First row, from left to right: Professor Pieter Zeeman, Mr. Snijders, Professor W.P.C. Zeeman, Ms. Sluiters, Professor Ruitinge.  Second row, from left to right: Dr. Heyermans, Mr. Kuyer, Mr. Polak Daniëls.