Matron J. Lintner retires

1934 afscheidsfeest Lintner kl.jpg 

On 5 October 1934 Ms. J. Lintner retires as Matron of the Netherlands Cancer institute - Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital. She was Matron since the establishment of the hospital in 1915 and was greatly appreciated for her efforts on behalf of patients and personnel in the institute, to create a pleasant atmosphere. Her successor is Ms. S.H. Joosse. Photo Museum Boerhave Leiden.

In the first row, seated, the people that made the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) an internationally renowned institute. Left, seated Dr. Nataniel Waterman, head of biological research with his wife. Far right  Dr. Remmert Korteweg, head of the laboratory; to his left Dr. Daniel den Hoed, radiologist with next to him probably the radiologist in training Mrs. Sytsema, who will marry Den Hoed.  To her left, Dr. Willem Wassink, surgeon and head of clinic.  Between Wassink and his wife, seated Matron J. Lintner. The wife of Dr. Wassink is the radiologist Dr. Catharina van Raamsdonk, who was trained in the NKI and graduated in 1921. Unusual at the time, after her marriage in 1922 she remained involved in research and development.Photo Museum Boerhave Leiden

The group at the farewell party consists largely of staff of the Netherlands Cancer Institute, and many of them can be seen wearing a funny hat.