Extension of radiology building and out-patient clinic

AvL 1960 ingang.jpg 

The new entrance of the out-patient clinic is given an Art Deco style. 

In 1938, new buildings are constructed for the out-patient and radiology departments on the Sarphatistraat site. Under the leadership of Director Wassink, whose hobby was architecture and building, much attention is given to an efficient and comfortable lay out and decoration of the new department.   

plattegrond 1939 RT Sarphatiestraat klein.jpg 

Extension and new entrance at Sarphatistraat 106, corner Andrieszstraat. Shaded walls are new.

The dual corridor layout makes it possible to separate the flow of people between the clinic, surgery and radiology from the consultation area.  The patients, having received a consecutive number on arrival, are called by number only, by way of a loudspeaker which is operated from the office. From the large waiting rooms they go to the so-called distribution corridor. Here they are distributed by the nursing staff over the various examination rooms. On the right, above is the new treatment room for a 1 MV X-ray machine. To the left of this is the old irradiation room with 4 older X-ray machines. 

The building plans include an irradiation room for an experimental 1 million volt X-ray machine which is under development at the Physics Laboratory of Philips.  The treatment room of 1921, where 4 X-ray machines are installed in the same room, remains in use although the set-up is out of date.