X-ray treatment and Dosimetry

Maximar AVL 1954 kl.jpg 

In 1950, the General Electric company installed the Maximar, a modern 100 kV X-ray machine.  A treatment is demonstrated by Henri Lokkerbol on the radiation technologist Lida Wallagh-Elte as the patient. 

Physics support

As from 1 April 1950, M. Sangster is appointed research physicist and head of the new physics department and the technical workshop of the Netherlands Cancer Institute.  Dr. 't Hooft, the radiology department physicist, was assigned to this new department.

Using a very sensitive electrometer with a mechanical conversion, measurements for irradiation techniques were made on an X-ray applicator designed in part by Sangster. The Philips NatLab probably developed this dosimeter. Sangster developed a dosimetry system that used free, disconnected ionization chambers. Depth dose measurements in water were performed using ionization chambers in a flexible hose cable, also designed by Sangster.

The Victoreen dosimeter was used to measure the output of the new Maximar-100 therapy unit and other X-ray machines.