Reorganisation of Board and Staff Council

1948 Wassink.jpg 

On 31 December 1953 Dr. Willem Wassink steps down as head of the clinic and surgery. He turns 65, but he does not retire. He remains at the institute for 3 more years as head of the Social Medical Service, which he establishes.  

From now on, the management of the clinic is shared in a Board, called the "Directorium", which comprises:  Henri Lokkerbol, 1st radiologist; E. A. van Slooten, surgeon; J. Gerbrandy, physician;  Baroness van Tuyl van Serooskerke, matron of the clinic. The multidisciplinary treatment gains significance in the work method in the clinic when in 1954 it is agreed that the entire medical staff of the NKI-AVL will meet 3 times a week to discuss the patients. 

Due to the increasing numbers of the scientific personnel, a discussion arises about the limited representations in the Staff Council. The Council makes the decision to expand the membership to all the university graduates working in the Netherlands Cancer Institute, both in the clinic and in the laboratory. By this measure all the scientific fields are represented, and also the younger people get a chance to participate in the discussions in the Council.

The Efficiency Advisory Bureau "Bosboom and Hegener" from Amsterdam investigate the efficiency of the working communities in the Netherlands Cancer Institute. They conclude that the costs are high, but fully justified by cost-increasing factors such as the specialized research and the intensive nursing of the cancer patients. The conclusions are favourable and the policy does not have to be changed.