Radiotherapy Staff in 1956

AVL RT feest 1956 klein.jpg 

A relaxed staff party in 1956. From left to right: radiation therapists Nel de Haan and Lyda Wallach-Elte, head  radiation therapist nurse Van Kempen, radiologist Mr Bouwman, radiation therapist Olga Roos, radiologist Mr v.d. Tas.

In the 1950's the radiotherapy department was extended and innovations were realized, and as a result the number of staff increased. Regularly radiologists were included in the staff for a specialization for short or for long term, such as radiologists Eichhorn, Bouwman, Mann and Den Herder. After about 1956 this is no longer reported. At that time, Dr. Lokkerbol is busy with the development of a cobalt radiation machine (see 1961) and reinforcement of the radiological staff is needed more than ever. Despite the resistance of Dr. Lokkerbol, the board decides in 1961 to make the group X-ray diagnostics an independent department, led by Dr. B A den Herder and head radiographer Olga Roos. 

During this time the training of radiation therapist was still in its infancy. In the NKI they were trained by practicing under the supervision of Dr. Lokkerbol and experienced colleagues. Lokkerbol organised additional trainings, including classes at the Wilhelmina Gasthuis (the teaching hospital of Amsterdam), which were also attended by radiation therapists from other hospitals. 

Mrs Van Kempen, originally trained to be a nurse, worked in the NKI from 1936 till 1959 as radiation therapist. Under Dr. Lokkerbol she was appointed head radiation therapist. Lokkerbol and Van kempen formed a good team and she became a valued support in leading the department. 

Lyda Wallach-Elte worked from 1950 till 1956 under Dr Lokkerbol. She arrived at the NKI as X-ray assistant and learnt the therapist work in practice. 

Nel de Haan worked at the department from 1953 till 1963, and was appointed head radiation therapist in 1959.

Other radiation therapists at this time were Miss G. J. Manoth (1948-1958) and Annie de Jonge Urbach.  

groep lokkerbol 9pers.jpg

1957, during a coffee break in the department of radiotherapy. 

From left to right: Dr. Mann, Dr. Lokkerbol, Nurse Van Kempen, Lidy Rijvort, Dr. v.d. Tas, Nel de Haan (dark hair and glasses), Ria Hilberink (in front with glasses).