A new start

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On return from training in Manchester, Lokkerbol finds the facilities for radiotherapy in the Netherlands Cancer Institute to beantiquated.The smaller X-ray units are old fashioned and are still located in a single room for all treatments, without proper radiation shielding between the treatment positions. The large experimental 1 MV X-ray system is unsuitable for modern radiotherapy. Its beam energy is too low, and it is a fixed beam system in which  patient positioning is inaccurate, and cross fire treatments are impossible.

In a short time, he develops an ambitious plan to build new treatment rooms, with new equipment and irradiation techniques. In 1947, Lokkerbol will not have been able to foresee every detail of his plan, therefore it must be said that the following overview has been compiled at a later date.

From 1949: Beam direction fixation masks for multiple beam irradiation, a mould room for producing the fixation masks, installation of the GE Maximar 100 kV X-ray machine, renovation and improvement of the radium room and a new safe.

1950: Implementation of the Parker-Paterson application system for radium implants, new radium needles and application tools of his own design.

1950-1953: New facilities for the radiotherapy department and isotope laboratory; the radiotherapy machines are now placed in separate rooms.

1953: The installation of new X-ray equipment for arc therapy is completed. Developing various forms of arc therapy.

1955-1961: Design and construction of a large isocentric rotating Cobalt machine with image guidance using an X-ray image intensifier - TV system. (In collaboration with the firm Smit Roentgen in Leiden).