Early X-ray treatments

Dr. Chicotot voert een röntgenbestraling uit in 1907 

Dr. Georges Chicotot irradiates a breast cancer patient in 1907. Painting by the physician. 

Emile Herman Grubbe.jpg

The discovery of penetrating ionizing radiation by Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, officially announced on 30 November 1895, was surprisingly quickly followed by therapeutic applications. It is probable that the first treatment of a breast tumour was carried out on January 29, 1896 by E.H. Grubbe, 2nd year medical student at the Hahneman Medical College in Chicago, USA [1].


 Emile Herman Grubbe, aged 21 (Chicago, 1 January 1875 - 1960) 



 Leopold Freund (Miskowice, Bohemia, 5 April 1868 - Brussels, 7 January 1943), an Austrian radiologist in Vienna, is generally recognized as the founder of medical radiology and radiotherapy.








On 6 March 1897 Dr. Freund publishes about an experimental radiotherapy series on a five year old girl suffering from naevus pigmentosus piliferus (large, hairy skin areas on the back) 

In 1903, Dr. Freund was probably the first to publish a standard work on radiotherapy: "Grundriss der gesamten Radiotherapie für praktische Ärzte".  Together with radiologists Robert Kienböck, Guido Holzknecht and Gottwald Schwarz, he forms the "Viennese School" for Radiotherapy, which for many years takes a leading role in the world.

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