Dr. Gaarenstroom develops Radiotherapy at the University of Amsterdam

1913 Gaarenstroom BG kl.jpg 

1913, Surgeons in Training in  the department of Professor Rotgans at the Binnen Gasthuis. Frans Gaarenstroom is circled. Photo: Mrs. Wagenaar-Gaarenstroom.

Following the plea by university rector Professor Jakob Rotgans in 1907 it took many years before the realization of a cancer institute.  For the treatment of cancer patients Rotgans first depended on his own surgical department within the Binnen Gasthuis (BG) in Amsterdam, then University Hospital.

In 1912, after training in anatomy and pathological anatomy, the young physician, G.F. Gaarenstroom, is engaged as Surgeon in Training in the surgical clinic of Professor Rotgans.

Frans Gaarenstroom becomes particularly interested in radiation therapy and he is given the lead position in X-ray irradiation when this was introduced in 1913 in the clinic of Rotgans in the University Hospital  Binnen Gasthuis [4].

Bronnen & Publicaties

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