Treatment of 76 patients in the University hospital of Amsterdam (NL)

binnengasthuisamsterdam kl.jpg 

Binnen Gasthuis, the teaching hospital of the University of Amsterdam in 1914.

In 1914, The Netherlands Cancer Institute provides Dr. Gaarenstroom with a modern X-ray therapy unit.  It is installed in the surgical clinic of Professor Rotgans in the Binnen Gasthuis, the teaching hospital of the University of Amsterdam.  From April 1914 to March 1915, 76 patients are treated; of these, 56 are considered suitable to evaluate the effect of the radiation treatment. It is a diverse group of patients with which Gaarenstroom gains experience with the treatments he has observed abroad [6]. Before the combination of surgery and radiotherapy, the majority of these patients were considered to be inoperable.  Sixteen patients had combined treatment of radiation and surgery, 36 had radiation alone while 4 were irradiated on the surgical area after the operation. 

Gaarenstroom reports varying results. In some of the inoperable patients, he succeeds in prolonging their life and reducing suffering.

He writes: "groping and trying ….step by step we have to find or pave our way in this field of science, as we are convinced that radiotherapy has a future in the treatment of malignant tumours." 


Bronnen & Publicaties

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