Travel report praises the Medical Registration in the NKI

SS Riouw.jpg 

The steamship Riouw of the Steamship Company Nederland from Amsterdam (source Arendnet Scheepvaart).

Shortly after the establishment of the NIKI (Dutch East Indies Cancer Institute) in 1922 in Bandung on the island of Java, the pathologist of this institute, Dr. A.J.F. Oudenal, makes a study trip to Europe.  He leaves of 2 June 1923 on the steamship Riouw for Amsterdam. In his travel report [22] he describes the care with which the radiation treatments are carried out and registered in the Netherlands Cancer Institute on the Keizersgracht. 

"The administrative tasks are considerable given the fact that for every patient who is admitted to the hospital or is undergoing outpatient treatment, an extensive medical history is made". 

"… The head of the surgical department is assisted by his wife Mrs. Wassink-Van Raamsdonk, and by a younger colleague (note: Dr. Daniel den Hoed) and Dr. Valken, the radiologist". 

"The physician has a wide choice of pre-printed drawings of the human body, on which the location, the size, the extension and secondary tumours in the patient are marked. These drawings have adhesive and are fixed in the patient's medical file so that regular and accurate descriptions are available of any changes which are caused by the tumour in a particular patient. 

Apart from an extensive medical history, every patient is entered in a carefully maintained card register. Lastly, there is also a similar card register, arranged according to diagnosis; for example the type of tumour…. (also) for every operation an extensive surgical report is written and the irradiation chart for every patients is kept up to date.  All descriptions, cards and reports are given a number and kept in a common file…."