Medical staff in 1920

De medische staf van het Antoni van Leeuwenhoekhuis in 1920 

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The first known photo of the medical staff of the  Netherlands Cancer Institute dates from 1920. The leading staff members shown were there from the beginning.  Left, Dr. Frans Gaarenstroom, head of the Radiotherapy Department. Next to him, sitting, is the radiologist S. Keizer who shortly after this would complete his specialist training and leave for Groningen to become reader and later influential university professor. Centre front, Dr. I.H. Kuijjer, surgeon and head of clinic. On his right, H.T. Deelman, then head of the laboratory.  Behind, standing from left to right: Ms. Lintner, matron of the hospital, and the assistant physicians Dr. J.P. ter Maten and Dr. C. Orbaan. 

It is striking that they let themselves be photographed holding burning cigarettes or cigars. Not on the photograph are the 7 nurses, the assistant physician Hissink and the 2 house servants; and neither the young physician-researcher Willem Wassink, who held a position in the laboratory. The total number of personnel of the clinic and laboratory was no more than about 17.