Graduation of radiologist Catharina van Raamsdonk

1921 December groepsfoto kliniek kl3.jpg 

The photo is taken in the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) on the Keizersgracht.  Dr. van Raamsdonk is seated in the front in a white coat, next to radiologist Frans Gaarenstroom. Behind them stands surgeon Dr. Willem Wassink, who in that year was named head of clinic. Nursing Director Ms. Lintner is next to him. They are surrounded by nursing and assistant personnel of the NKI in 1921.

On 30 November 1921, radiologist Catharina van Raamsdonk graduated from the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital on her dissertation "Results of radiation treatment in uterine carcinoma [19]. From 1919, she worked as a voluntary assistant under the leadership of Dr. Gaarensroom in the NKI.  After surgeon Willem Wassink (1916) she was the second physician who graduated from the AVL and is the first woman radiologist in The Netherlands who graduated in a radiotherapy subject.

In 1922, Willem Wassink and Catharina van Raamsdonk are married. Contrary to usual practice of the time, Van Raamsdonk continues to work in the NKI up until 1925.  Together with her husband, she does research into the results of treatment of uterine cervix cancer.

Bronnen & Publicaties

  • [19] “Resultaten van Stralenbehandeling bij Carcinoma Uteri” (results of treating carcinoma uteri with radiotherapy, in Dutch). By Catharina van Raamsdonk. Doctoral Thesis. University of Amsterdam, 30 november 1921. Archive: Library of the NKI SBnr.0301. ,