Annex Radiotherapy at Prinsengracht 1011

Dependance Prinsengracht 1011 

Radiotherapy Department Annex at Prinsengracht 1011: the high building with two chimneys.Photo: H. van der Gugten. 

The number of irradiations is rapidly increasing.  In 1915, 2422 X-ray irradiations and 325 radium irradiations are performed; in 1916 it was already 8062 with X-rays and  463 with Radium.  In 1915 a second X-ray unit is purchased and in 1916 another two.  Apart from the X-ray units, 100 mg of radium is available.  There is a need for more radium, but due to the war, delivery is postponed.

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Treatment room at Prinsengracht 1011, Amsterdam.

  In 1916, due to lack of space at the Keizersgracht, an annex for radiation treatments is opened at Prinsengracht 1011.

Here, the fourth X-ray unit is installed for the treatment of out-patients. Also at the Prinsengracht the radiation equipment is installed on the ground floor.  On the upper floors, living-in nursing staff of the  Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) are housed.



In the April 1988 issue of the staff magazine, Mrs. Schulz, who lived at the Prinsengracht as a student nurse in 1922, states that no lead shielding was fitted to the floor above the treatment room. The nurses were worried about the radiation in their bedrooms and brought this to the attention of the Board of the NKI.  The Board decided that no extra shielding was necessary.  If the ladies are worried, they should wear a piece of lead in their underwear.