The NKI and Elekta collaborate on the testing of innovative radiotherapy

Marcel Verheij groepsfoto op Axesse web.jpg 

Experimental linear accelerator, type Elekta "Axesse", in treatment room A2. Second from the left: chairman of the department Professor Marcel Verheij. Beside him staff of the physics, technical and paramedic groups of the Radiotherapy Department.

In 2010 the Elekta company installs the latest type of linear accelerator, the "Axesse" in treatment room A2 . The treatment machine will be used for development of equipment and research. Together with the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI), the new options of the machine will be investigated in a clinical environment [75]. 

This treatment machine is kept up to date by Elekta with the latest developments, such as an intense, non-flattened photon beam ("flattening filter free beam"), a 160 leaf, 5 mm leaf size  multi-leaf collimator, portal vision (EPID) and Cone Beam CT (CBCT). This machine is particularly suited for computer controlled dynamic irradiation techniques with intensity modulation and moving radiation beams. 

Innovation. The idea for collaboration originated from the development of the satellite radiotherapy department of the NKI at the Spaarne Hospital in the town of Hoofddorp, to the south of Amsterdam. The Hoofddorp department has been opened in 2013 and the new generation of treatment machines will be installed there. Before patients will be treated with the new machines, the new techniques will be thoroughly tested in the NKI .The Elekta manufacturer seizes this opportunity to install a test machine which, besides research in an industrial environment, allows working on the innovation of treatment machines in a clinic.

Elekta delivers and primarily tests the equipment and computer hardware. The NKI tests the computer control software for the special irradiation techniques and investigates the physical properties of the radiation beams shaped with the new collimator.

2012 A2 Ambilight1.jpg
2012 A2 Ambilight2.jpg
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Philips Ambilight in treatment room A2. Photo Rene Tielenburg.  

In collaboration with the interior designer, Philips realizes a so-called Ambilight illumination of the treatment room. With the adjustable light colour and intensity the atmosphere in the room can be set as desired. The patient chooses an appropriate theme that is related to a specific colour scheme, wall projection and even matching music, aimed to allow the patient to undergo the radiation treatment as relaxed as possible. 

Bronnen & Publicaties

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