Satellite Radiotherapy Department NKI in Hoofddorp treats the first patient

2013 Hoofddorp RTafd.jpg 

In Januari 2013, the satellite establishment of the Department of Radiotherapy of the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) opens its doors. (photo Rene Tielenburg)   

The satellite establishment of the Radiotherapy Department of the NKI is located in the new building of the Oncology Centre of the Spaarne Ziekenhuis. Here the Spaarne Ziekenhuis concentrates all multi-disciplinary cancer care and expertise. Cancer patients from the region can go to the satellite establishment for their radiation treatment. There they receive the same high quality and expert care as in the NKI in Amsterdam, daily and close to home.

2013 Hoofddorp Linac.jpg 

The Elekta Synergy linear accelerators in Hoofddorp have state of the art technology. A 160 leaf multi-leaf collimator, EPID portal imaging and Cone Beam CT are part of the equipment. (photo René Tielenburg) 

On Monday 14 January 2013, the first patients are treated. The radiation oncologists and radiotherapists from Amsterdam are working in this attractive department in rotating teams; providing the patients with the best possible radiotherapy care. The medical physicists, the medical physics co-workers and linac engineers from the NKI in Amsterdam take care of the treatment machines. Marcel Verheij, head of the department of radiotherapy in the Netherlands Cancer Institute, heartily welcomes the staff of the satellite Hoofddorp on their first working day. "This is a special day; everybody has worked so hard to have everything ready to receive and treat our first patients" said Verheij. Besides wishing the staff success, he addressed a special word of thanks to Yvonne Wilders, member of the Governing Board of the Spaarne Ziekenhuis, for the pleasant cooperation. 

2013 hoofddorp controlroom web.jpg 

The control area of one of the linear accelerators. On the right, behind the wall is the adjacent control area of the second accelerator in the Hoofddorp department.(photo René Tielenburg)

2013 hoofddorp receptie web.jpg 

Reception desk and waiting area for beds in Hoofddorp. (photo René Tielenburg)

2013 hoofddorp wachtruimte web.jpg 

Part of the waiting area in Hoofddorp. (photo René Tielenburg)