Staff in the 1980’s

opening 1988 web.jpg 

Opening of the enlarged and renovated radiotherapy department in 1988: From the left, Marion Burgers; Jan Bangert, head of dept.; Riet van der Heide, head radiation therapist; Angela Tijhuis, treatment planning radiation therapist. 

80er jaren bartelink met  assistenten.jpg

Harry Bartelink with residents, in training for radiation oncologists, at the end of the 1980's. 

1989 Bangert afscheid Borger DeWitt Lebesque web.jpg

1989: Radiation oncologists, from the left Jacques Borger, Luc Dewit and Joos Lebesque. 

AvLDeGroteVier web.jpg

Photo taken on the occasion of a later meeting of the four physicists who led many of the developments in the 1980's. From the left: Rob van der Laarse: head of physics and technical group, treatment planning software; Harm Meertens: equipment, brachytherapy, imaging; Ben Mijnheer: neutrons, quality control, orthovolt; Iain Bruinvis: treatment planning and electrons.

laboranten jaren 90 op S3.jpg 

End of the 1980's: part of the group of radiation therapists with radiation oncologist Luc Dewit, together around and seated on the ABB simulator table.