Royal honour for Dr Marion Burgers

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Dr. J.Marion V. Burgers, 1932-1997, receives a royal honour in 1996.

Excerpt from the Annual Report, Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) 1996: "At the end of April, the Department of Radiotherapy rejoiced at the royal honour awarded to Dr. J. M. V. Burgers, radiation oncologist. She becomes Officer in the order of Orange-Nassau. The honour was conferred upon Mrs. Burgers to mark her 35 years of extraordinary great dedication to the treatment of oncological patients in the NKI. Besides this, the institute awarded her the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek microscope".

For many years Dr. Burgers played an important role in radiotherapy in the NKI, in The Netherlands and also in the cooperation in Europe (EORTC). Her work in the area of paediatric oncology and lymphoma form an important contribution at the national and international level. She also dedicated herself to the development of radiotherapy in Egypt. Together with Dr. Hassan Awwad, head of the Department of Radiotherapy of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in Cairo, she headed a number of projects which benefited training, treatment and research in the NCI.  After saying farewell to her colleagues on her retirement in January1997, she died in September of that year.  

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In the Board Room of the NKI-AVL on the occasion of the presentation of the royal decoration to Dr. Marion Burgers as Officer of the Order of Orange-Nassau in 1996.

Standing from left to right: Dr.  Hoekstra (Dutch Society of Radiology NVRO), Professor Tom Voûte (paediatric oncologist, Emma childrens hospital, Amsterdam), Bart van Bunningen (radiation oncologist), Professor Harry Bartelink (Head of Department of Radiotherapy), sitting from left to right: Jan Bangert (former Head of Department of Radiotherapy), Dr. Marion Burgers, Professor Dionisio Gonzalez Gonzalez (Head of Department of Radiotherapy, AMC, Amsterdam). 

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In 1982, radiation oncologist Marion Burgers receives her doctorate at the University of Amsterdam, with a thesis on her study on "Dose time and volume effects in interstitial radiation therapy" [78]. 

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Dr. Marion Burgers as many remember her in the 1970's and 1980's in the Radiotherapy Department of the Netherlands Cancer Institute.

As a mother to her colleagues and other personnel, always available for an encouraging word or appreciation of a special achievement. From 1964 to 1980, under Professor Breur, she was "Chef de Clinique" ie. in charge of the daily clinical care in the Radiotherapy Department.




Picture taken at the home of Professor Ralston Paterson (1962). Second left Marion Burgers during her specialist training in Manchester.





Bronnen & Publicaties

  • [78] Dose time and volume effects in interstitial radiation therapy, Burgers M.V. Doctoral thesis, University of Amsterdam, 1982. Supervisor Prof. G.W. Barendsen ,