Extension and modernization of the radiotherapy building

2004 nieuwbouw RT.jpg 

The extension  of the Radiotherapy Department is part of the full renovation and expansion of the building complex of the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) on the site at Plesmanlaan 121, Amsterdam Slotervaart. The original buildings date from 1973 and 1988. The renovation and expansion is realised from 2000 to 2009. 

The Department of Radiotherapy is extended by almost 50% in occupied  floor space. Around 2000, in the NKI, but also nationwide, a shortage of irradiation capacity arises. Long waiting lists and unacceptable waiting times are the result.  In the Netherlands a report published by the Dutch Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology, the "Nederlandse Vereniging voor Radiotherapie en Oncologie" (NVRO), requests the attention of the government to this problem. The government decides to expand the facilities for radiotherapy in the Netherlands by about 40%. In particular in the Amsterdam region a great shortage of irradiation capacity exists, causing the lists of patients waiting to be treated to become unacceptably long. Partly due to the initiative of Professor Harry Bartelink, head of radiotherapy in the NKI, the government grants permission for a major expansion. The Radiotherapy Department of the NKI is allowed to expand from six to a total of nine linear accelerators. A tenth machine is assigned an experimental function. 

Nieuwbouw op lokatie 2002.jpg 

The ground level of the NKI complex after the renovation and expansion of 2000-2009. Besides the expansion of the radiotherapy department, the hospital and the clinical and research laboratories are expanded and renovated.   

The light green area (top left) encompasses the Radiotherapy Department, with ten megavoltage treatment rooms at the top. The entrance of the department is situated at the right, close to the ambulance entrance and the main reception of the NKI.  

Furthermore, rooms are being built or renovated in the department for two CT-scanners, two conventional simulators and three orthovoltage machines. For the treatment planning group a complex of rooms becomes available in which about twenty-five work spaces are situated, each equipped with the treatment planning system Pinnacle by Philips. 


The NKI complex in 2004. The new megavolt facility and the renovated and expanded hospital have been completed.  See the changes to the building complex compared to the situation in 1973 in the item "The NKI building in Amsterdam Slotervaart"