Dr. Harry Bartelink appointed head of Radiotherapy Department

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Dr. G.M.M. (Harry) Bartelink, head of the Department of Radiotherapy 1989-2007.

From the Annual Report of the Netherlands Cancer Institute in 1989: ….In 1989, J.A. Bangert left the institute and was succeeded by Dr. G.M.M. Bartelink who, with enthusiasm, continued the developments initiated by Bangert. A clear emphasis is put on the fine-tuning of radiotherapy techniques so that healthy tissue surrounding the tumour is damaged as little as possible and on the development of brachytherapy where the radiation is given directly in the tumour. A distinct emphasis is put on breast-sparing treatment. These developments, in collaboration with the specialists in lung and gastro-enterological tumours are in full progress and the first results in both lung and oesophageal cancer are encouraging. In order to accommodate the further improvement of radiotherapeutic possibilities together with the surgical disciplines, the need for a special operating theatre becomes urgent. Every effort is put into its rapid realisation".